National Youth Institute of Chile Producing November Program
Santiago, November 15-21

The VTM Team for Chile and the design plan for the 2004 program are exceptionally strong and already in gear, thanks to the tremendous leadership of the National Youth Institute (NYI) of Chile, Chile ABAC 2004, Chile’s APEC Coordinator and the Chile APEC 2004 Task Force.

By invitation of the NYI of Chile, APEC Member Economies will send teams of multimedia savvy students and educators to Santiago to produce a series of television interviews with APEC leaders from government, business and civil societies for satellite relay and web-based distribution to schools throughout APEC. A short series of videos exploring the shared dreams and aspirations of the multicultural “Voices” students taking part in Santiago program will also be produced by the participating teams. Chile’s APEC theme of “One Community, Our Future” will guide the production of the “Now, Dream, How” © video series.

Our key international partner is Mexico’s Monterrey TEC and its Virtual University and Prepa TEC System – which connects over 1,500 Latin campuses in year-round, direct, two-way satellite and Internet-based distance learning programs. New Zealand’s King College is also a leading partner in the program. The VTM APEC Team also includes the Richard W. Riley Institute at Furman University, the Jesse Helms Center, Mrs. Harriet Mayor Fulbright, the Apple Learning Interchange; University Brunei Darussalam; International DECA, the global student entrepreneur program; and a number of other U.S. and APEC educational programs.

Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Noriega, a long-time supporter of the VTM and our APEC programs, will participate in a special Latin-focused, APEC primer to be broad- and webcast to the region’s schools in September. In the United States Congress, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar and his top staff are expanding Indiana’s participation with us by designating the Hispanic Center of Indianapolis as a full partner in our Chile program. The Center’s President, Mario Garcia, Esq., has already traveled to Santiago with us and has been very involved in the planning process.

The Chile APEC 2004 Team that is working with us includes Chile’s Foreign Minister’s Office and its APEC Coordinator Mario Ignacio Artaza, the Chile APEC 2004 Task Force and its Executive Director Milenko Skoknic, and Chile’s ABAC and its Executive Director Rene Muga. The National Youth Institute, Chile’s official government agency for youth affairs, has been designated as our official partner. Interested parties may contact Gerardo Canales at gcanales@injuv.gob.cl.

Please contact us at the VTM Washington, DC office with any questions via Alisa Becker, APEC 2004 Program Coordinator, at vtm2003ab@yahoo.com.


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